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Lightning Protection System_Projects

IDSS Global | 07 Jan 2020
Lightning Protection System_Projects

Apart from providing Civil Engineering Services, Mechanical Engineering Services & Architectural Services, we offer specialized services in the field of lightning protection.

We have clientele based in the UK & Asia-Pacific region for the lightning protection services. Here is all the info about Lighting Protection System Design you should know about:The lightning protection design process involves several design steps. Depending upon the specifics of the structure, cost, architectural and aesthetic concerns, the process may be somewhat iterative. An important part of the design process is compliance with separation distance requirements. This determines what external and internal metallic items need to be bonded to the LPS. Separation distance requirements also apply to internal electrical and electronic circuits; thus is especially important to consider the existing and future use of the building. The separation distance requirements are determined by the lightning protection level, the position of the LPS and the number of down-conductors. To simplify conformance to the separation distance requirements, alternative down-conductor location(s) and increased number may be required. Following are the two examples of Lightning Protection System Design that was done by us recently:

Photos :

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