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IDSS Global & It’s Outsourcing Way

IDSS Global | 26 Apr 2021
IDSS Global & It’s Outsourcing Way

Specialized in outsourcing projects of Civil, Mechanical & Architectural Engineering, let us understand how IDSS Global proceeds with its outsourcing..!!

1. The Discovery:-
The outbound sales team of IDSS Global which work thick & fast, produces number of great results in finding out the perfect clients for the respective departments to work on. Ideally, we prefer to showcase our projects through previously done work. And the track record suggests that, each & every client we approach gets satisfied with the quality of our projects presented to them

2. The Pilot Project:-
We believe in the policy of trust building & then act upon it. That is the reason why, we give client a pilot project to understand the proceedings of how it will work in the near future. And the most important thing to notice here is, we offer this pilot project free of cost up-to 20 hours.

“Imagine your customer is your best friend — listen to their concerns, be a shoulder to lean on and then shift the focus from what went wrong to how you can help make it right.” — Rachel Hogue, Customer Service Manager, Azazie

3. Contract Signing & the NDA:-
As we work extensively on the client’s data & files, we take utmost care not to misuse or mishandle the source files. We respect the confidentiality by signing the contract and the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). We believe this is the first step of any strong business relationship.

4. Assigning the Team & Kicking Off:-
The next step is the assigning the respective team. IDSS Global works in various verticals & departments, so this step becomes crucial as assigning perfect work to perfect resource is of paramount importance. Simultaneously, client gets to know about the team with whom they will work with & have direct contact with.

5. Live Project & the QC Process:-
The actual project commences at this point of team when we receive data files from client on one drive (Or whatever client feels comfortable sharing the files, be it on FTP Server or mail). We estimate the project duration at before commencing the project & we set a direct line of communication with client about the same.
Apart from that, IDSS Global strictly believes in the excellent quality of the work. Each team member is trained to give his/her 100 percent in order to achieve the desired quality. We make sure that there is no compromise with the quality.

6. Submission & Feedback:-
Once the quality check is done & project is ready for the delivery, we follow the same media the client has given us. While delivering the project, we make sure that there are no hiccups to the project. We mention our doubts regarding the project as soon as we find them.

Thereafter, the said project is delivered to client for approval. Along with it, we also send the respective time-sheet of the project so client gets to know about the total time spent on it. When client reviews the project we ask them if there are any changes/modifications/revisions/clearing of doubts & get it cleared as soon as possible. The team is always up & running in order to solve the queries.

The Last Word:-
Here, we believe in the time management matrix to get the work done. A Priority list is made & with respect to that the work is assigned & gets done. We have made outsourcing our biggest strength, so when it comes to Outsoucing…Choose IDSS Global..!!!

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