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Business Pride Awards 2021

IDSS Global | 11 Dec 2021
Business Pride Awards 2021

Business Pride Awards 2021

This is proud moment for IDSS Global. I feel really appreciated and valued while receiving "The Startup of the year 2021" award.

We at IDSS Global provide Engineering Services throughout the globe. We are situated in the City of Pune which is in Western Maharashtra, India.

Our clientele are mainly in US, Canada, UK & Asia-Pacific region. Being an outsourcing company for 27 international & 4 domestic clients, we continuously starve for quality projects. Also, our clients get benefitted by less cost as compared to in-house making cost.

Our domain basically is in Lightning Protection, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Architectural Engineering.

Thanks a lot to all our International and Indian clients and also Team IDSS Global!!!
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