Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Why should I consider offshore CAD outsourcing?

Reduce costs
The cost of outsourcing your CAD projects will be significantly lower than, if you choose to complete the project within your organization. These saved funds can then be used to increase efficiency in other areas of business. Stay ahead of the competition You can ensure that your products reach the market quicker, every time. At times, launching a product before your competitor could prove to be crucial for your business. Maximize your resource potential Sometimes you may not have the resources to do it all within your organization itself. Outsourcing would then allow you to reallocate your resources on focal areas.

What would I benefit if I choose to consider CAD outsourcing?

If you choose to outsource you CAD requirements bedsides reducing cost, maximizing potential and staying ahead of competition (listed above) you would also stand to gain the following advantages:

Access to skilled engineers:
You can have easy access to skilled engineers without having to spend a large sum of money. Moreover you expenditure is reduced because you do not have to hire personnel within your organization neither do you have to spend money on training.

Increased efficiency
CAD outsourcing to competent engineers will not only enhance the performance of your company, but it will help you build a sound and reliable infrastructure.

Access to Expertise
When you outsource your CAD requirements to a reputed and reliable organization, you can rest assured that you are benefiting from the experience the organization has already acquired in dealing with customers with similar needs.

Which countries can I outsource to?

Companies in a number of developing countries across the globe offer CAD outsourcing services. However, India has been the pioneer in knowledge outsourcing. India has by far the most professional and experienced companies in the world, to offer CAD outsourcing services. India is the leading country to choose, if you want to make your outsourcing venture, a definite success.

What makes India outshine other countries?

CAD outsourcing to India has been such a success that the number of companies offering CAD services is multiplying rapidly. Each company competes with the other to provide quality services backed by state of the art technology. This trend acts as a blessing to clients looking to outsource, for it ensures superior service standards and also availability of a rich talent pool, experienced working with global clients. Further more India also has an advanced telecommunication and internet infrastructure, sophisticated technology, up to date knowledge databases and ongoing development in these areas.

Why should I choose engineers from India?

World Class Education:
Indian education system is one of the best in the world, producing quality engineers in large numbers, to meet the global demand.

Large Number of Available Options:
An estimated more than half a million new engineers graduate in India, every year.

Language Proficiency:
India has one of the largest English proficient populations in the world.

High Degree of Professionalism:
Engineers in India are hardworking, reliable and they adhere to a high standard of professionalism. Indian companies have been pioneers in the field of knowledge outsourcing and that has led to the engineers interacting with companies world-wide long enough, to bring in the professional culture required to meet global standards

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