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Welcome to our Careers section. I hope, by now, that we’ve conveyed to you some of the excitement we feel about the future of IDSS Global and its people.

Careers at IDSS Global I encourage you to fill out the application form which you’ll find at the end of this section, even if you don’t yet think you’re ready to explore a new career opportunity. We’re always on the lookout for people who share our goals and interests. We’d like to keep your resume in our files, so that the next time we have an opening that matches your profile, we can get in touch with you. When each new employee completes his or her first year at IDSS Gobal, the rest of the team gathers for an informal celebration. To be part of Team IDSS Global, you need to understand and embrace our culture. While we believe that having the right skills and experience are essential, we look for something more in our people – the ability to think for yourself and solve problems as they arise. Call it street smarts if you like. We also value a quality of commitment highly.

We prefer to categorize our employment opportunities by ‘job families’ – functions that require similar skills. In that way we can hire, based on broad rather than specific strengths, and determine after the hiring process is completed, where each new recruit will be able to add the greatest value. Our job families are listed below. If IDSS Global sounds like the right home for you, we encourage you to fill out the application form.

We often have job openings that can eventually lead to larger employment opportunities. If you don’t see a job posting that’s exactly right for you, we encourage you to send us your resume anyway, but be sure to tell us in which job family you feel you belong :

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